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Everyone has pain. For most it comes and goes, but for some it stays. Lingering constantly on your’ mind until it becomes unbearable. In these times we turn to unthinkable measures in an effort to fight off or even extinguish the numbing pain. Self mutilation, drugs, alcohol, and even harming others. Methods I have used myself. Cutting was my favorite, I was always so numb not able to feel anything. Drugs and alcohol just made it worse. But when the blade touched my skin and started to bite it was like a euphoric feeling. A shiver ran down my spine and my body flooded with relief, however short lived. At first it took a-lot to set the urges off. It would be weeks of accumulating depression before the urge struck. But now every tiny thing could potentially set it off. Anything from rejection to a song that brings up memories. I haven’t cut one week, I came close but then she came along. She’s so easy to talk to, open up to. I can’t help but feel lucky I have her in my life and a bit selfish that I want her all to myself. It’s just that everything about her is amazing and everything she is drives me insane. She doesn’t know it yet but i’d give her the world, she’s already saved mine. She’s only a friend, and to be honest for once i’m happy. Not saying that I wouldn’t be happy with more: because, believe me I would. I’m just happy that she is.  I’ll keep ya updated what goes on from here.

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